We can talk about Millennials, Generation X/Z, Normcore or Urban Creatives. We can talk about Early Adopters or Trendsetters. But we want to be more specific.

We’re not talking about a set age or specific trends. We want to talk about a mindset which connects all these people – a mindset of freedom. These are the ones that believe they always can create their own ways. These are people with no age, standards or rules to follow.


They don’t want to be generalized and labeled in a category, because together with categories follow certain behaviors and stereotypes, so they constantly slip away for something else. Always ahead of you, walking their own way. Observing, seeking connections and trying to understand. 



They care about their surroundings and strive to appear correct, and don’t think twice about defending their opinion. They are fluent in their identity which they embrace and challenge after being tired of fitting in.


Progressive, kind and curious. Always reacting when they find something wrong and unfair.


How you think is how you perceive the world, which is why we talk about mindsets. Our audience are progressives, seeking for freedom in living and expression in a time when we all get more and more detached. 

They are ready to put aside their own ego for a bigger cause, even climb a mountain if needed. The now is all they got and they alway try to make the best of it. If anything threatens to take it away och put them into silence – they fight back.