“Introducing Love Truls” Is a low-key mini-documentary where we get to follow Love Truls, from early morning to evening.

It’s a pretty ordinary day in the life of a teenager. What that now is? There is something very contemporary about just being able to step into another person’s world today. Through social media, it happens everywhere, all the time. But still, it’s not like you are going straight in through your neighbor’s door without knocking, which was more or less exactly how this movie was created.

The result is honest and unpolished but also bubbles with both restlessness and optimism.

Music video “Torn Up Dress”

Love Truls first single ”Torn up dress” is a beautiful melodic indie-pop song with a dark undertone. Poetic and treacherous. Love Truls wrote the song only 16 years old and has grown to what it is today. The doodles characters are created by Truls himself and become like little side stories to the songs.