It started out as a retreat.

Finding inspiration in the Scandinavian culture.

We started out as a retreat, a will to make a change and the belief that it was possible. We didn’t like how the society and the world was changing. Short term, selfish and with a lack of humanity.


We seemed to have forgotten what actually made us to whom we are – a strong democracy and the possibility to a free culture, with accessibility and openness for everyone.


We felt a need of a new progressive power, the power that shapes smart, strong and open-minded individuals. Sharing of creativity, values, diversity, and a claim for justice. We always have been dependent on others that have welcomed us and our ideas. Our brave, free and including ideas.


With our work, we want to make a statement, come together and rescandinavia.


We didn’t see the purpose of our agency and our work, and there was lots of similar agency’s popping up. We needed to recreate the reasons for our existence.


A year with many production assignments. Festivals, music videos, artists tours etc. As a result of that, we started TIS Production. A production company with a clear DIY spirit that could do anything from building art installations to establishing entire festivals.


This is Scandinavia decided to become an influential agency working to create a better way to integrate cultural expressions with branding. This was the result of an irresponsible use of the culture’s possibilities and integrity, as we saw it. That was why we started a management. Our way to set an example. We needed everyone to know that if you borrow from a culture you need to return the favor to keep the cycle running.


tarted as an online magazine in Zurich. The magazine wrote about Scandinavian pop-culture as an effect of homesickness. Discussion of making This is Scandinavia to something bigger, in November 2014 our Agency was founded in Sweden. A retreat.